MotorBike Adventures Of India

The Prologue…………..

India, the land of mystery, intrigue, leopards, tigers, snakes, mosquito’s, camels, spiders, and dust but the worst of all …….!

I was to arrive in New Delhi for the very first time and was thinking to myself, I will land and get myself through customs, be picked up and should be dead by around lunchtime (at least that was the vision English TV had given me).

The stories you will read as we progress together are interesting, challenging, unbelievable, breathtaking and at times, well more than at times, absolutely hilarious (looking back).

India, 1.2 Billion people, 7 Policemen, quite a few frightened goats, lots of teeth, roads that will scare the living daylights out of you, especially when they just disappear, along with vehicles coming towards you on the same side of the road trying to kill you, fabulous people, jaw-dropping historical places, food to make your tongue go numb and your eyes water, all in a land smothered in a billion colours.

Welcome to the land of dreams – that will change your life ‘forever’

Outside An Amazing Hotel In Bikaner
Day 1 Intro Video (You can access much more via the book)