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Anti Death.........

UnknownWell that's pleasing to find out.......the area of India I am going into is not a high risk for malaria (according to the nurse). However only in March this year it was suggested that you can even be bitten by death carrying buzzy things during the day in New Delhi and recall in March discovering a mosquito in the taxi with my life flash before my eyes !!. So I just asked for them to be ordered please and apart from that all my jabs are up to date, well when I say up to date I'm not covered for Rabies of Japanese Yellow Elephant (it sounded like elephant anyway). In additon there's not a lot that can be done for King Cobra attack or being eaten by Tiger or Leopard. So all is fine and dandy then.....

Confirmed this morning that are supplying a tank back for the Tiger 800XCA, shame it's not 2 with one for the Himalayan but who's complaining I have been so very lucky to get such amazing support it's simply fabulous, in fact more than fabulous, I'm so grateful.

Then of course there are the flights to sort out. Thinking of flying direct from Birmingham but I am now waiting for Air India to confirm if they are going to supply flights which was only suggested 2 days ago.....wouldn't that be just amazing.


5 weeks and 1 day
It's getting closer

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Friday, 23 March 2018

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