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5 weeks and 1 day

 MG 4123

Not long to go until it is only 4 weeks to leaving for this fabulous adventure. the sponsors and supporters have been coming in thick and fast with the most recent one being Eagle Rider India who are supplying the second bike for Digvijay. Not only that but we will be speaking further, when I arrive, about the setting up of tours where they will be the No1 company to hire motorbikes for later adventures. It has been an amazing experience so far in speaking with people who have supported this venture and most certainly it has captured the imagination of so many people. I have also heard that I may well be appearing on the motorbike version of Top Gear, called Overdrive, in that is very exciting indeed. This coming week I have to check my jabs to cover against 'death' and to make sure my anti malaria tablets will arrive 1 week before leaving to start building up my immunity to malaria. Onwards............

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Day 8 of Rajasthan

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We set of from what can only be described as the best hotel I have ever stayed in (details on day 7) and left for Nimaaj.

The ride was coming to a close and Rajasthan still had a gem to offer, Nimaaj a small village close to Barr. Taking the six lane high way that soon turned to a single track broken road we reached Sojat before landing into Nimaaj. Owned by the thakur’s family for the last 400 years the Nimaaj Palace with it turrets and citadels stands out proudly in the center of the village. 

Nimaaj, is a village where the street make you feel intimidated, but the journey there was full of surprises. From tarmac that just disappears, to riding through countryside reputed to have Leopards, to colliding with another bike and shooting off into the desert (unfortunately this wasn't filmed).

On arrival to our Nimaaj Palace for the night, we where taken into a village with a population of 900, with only 1 TAP for drinking water, and treated to a sight that will stay with me forever......

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The Plan for Southern India 2016

The idea first came to mind after being in Rajasthan in December 2016. 

That adventure was 10 days of riding a Ducati Scrambler in the desert visiting Jaipur, Manvar, Udaipur, Jodphur and being absolutely blown away by the people, culture and shear beauty of this amazing India

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The Plan for India

Sometimes in life you can't wait for your ship to come in, you've got to swim and and grab it 

That's exactly what's happen, in that, Triumph India are supplying me with the Tiger 800cc XCA model for the 2 month duration, complete with backup support and fitted out with Aluminium panniers and top can't get much better than that.......I am over the moon as it's a fabulous machine that will cover all aspects of riding with comfort and power too



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