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'HOW LONG'..............


It is now 24 days to lift off on the worlds greatest motorbike adventure...........well okay may be not but certainly my greatest adventure

I will land in New Delhi around 1030am on the 7th October, which is only 8 days before I am 58, yep fifty bloody eight years of experience have led me to ride a Triumph Tiger 800cc XCA (supplied by Triumph India) for 2 months around the most wonderful country in the world.

However, before doing so I shall walk out of the aiport around 11030am and be hit with the desire to breath, because the air there is different and it took me 24 hours to adjust to the oxygen levels last time. I just hope this time I wont have to walk fast after anyone to get to a car, carrying a 30kg rucksack over my shoulder, with my helmet dangling from my right hand whislt trying to keep up with a thin Indian man wearing flip flops !

Of course there is concern about flying, riding, sleeping, eating, drinking and having the time of my life, after all who wouldn't have concerns about such things as I then head off down to train, maybe, ish.....and I bagzie sitting on the roof ha ha ha 

Then following aclimatisation it will be back into Delhi to speak with and also for Deejays bike with and finally picking up tank bags from well at least the store to pick up the tanks bags as DirtSack are based in Mumbai 

Then final preperations for the route will be organised to make sure we have a route to set off with, however like all good battle plans as soon as things start plans can change, so it will be a fluid plan ready for adjustments as the adventure starts to take shape

Screen Shot 2016 09 10 at 18.37.16

So it is now time for final preperations at this end with my jabs being up to date, anti mosquito death tablets have been collected, both Sena intercoms/cameras, the 10C model have been set up, vitamin sweets checked for tastyness, Buffs still on the cardboard holders for now, as as my Re-Winds radio and torches still in the packagaing, the quick shifter motorbike wipes are still sealed to keep them moist, must keep moist you know, then to make sure the ride power charger is going to attach to one of the bikes to keep the phone charged, that the Rav Power power banks are all charged up to keep a power supply for the drift ghost cameras that the filming will be done with, my Vision Direct supply of contact lens have arrived and being kept to one side for packing, and without question my HELD rider equipment mesh suit, gloves and helmet are tip top condition and of course my Forma boots to keep snakes from biting my lower legs. A tent has been supplied by Twist Moto but we've been advised that camping is not a good idea where we are going due to Leopards, and snakes being a hazard, and my NOOZ specs so I can see when reading and alongside everything my Sun God sunglasses in my attempt to look cool !!


So that is it really except for making sure I have enough Insulin, and bags to poo in (90 should be enough I hope, or I might take 120) along with painkillers to keep any aches and pains away along with anti shit tablets to keep any 'interesting' experiences at bay also, and loads of Lucozade tablets in case I squirt in to much Insulin and my blood sugar drops to low

The only thing I've yet to make sure about is a camel pack to make sure I keep my fluid levels up whilst riding 

Now............just have to find where I've put my passport for safe keeping..............

KRIEGA are you listening !!!

kriega hydrapak main


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Different times.........

 MG 3532


Last year I arrived at a hotel in Bikaner, in the Rajasthan region of India, where royalty had stayed many years ago, along with dignitaries the list as long as your arm.

It was a time where the British loved India along with all her opportunities and this was the hotel  I was in..........

I was taken to, what they called, the games room and on the walls, in all their 'splendour', were the skins of animals shot for sport and shown off on all sides of the room.

I was shocked to see such a display as I'd never seen anything like it in my life.

This 'sport' has not ended I'm afraid as poaching is still happening but there are 2 areas, small areas, of India where they are protected within parks. You can actually go on safari's into these parks to see Tigers and in the bottom photograph you can see the size the animal must have been.....majestic.....beautiful......stunning.

I'm hoping to go to one of these parks on my next adventure only this time the only thing that will be used to shoot with is a camera lens and hopefully I will get to see this magnificent creature capturing the shear beauty of one of the worlds most beautiful animals in film and or a photograph to share with the world.

India is the land of stunning beauty, magical palaces, beautiful wildlife and food to make your tastebuds explode..........I can't wait :-)

 MG 3534

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Meet the Desi

Who am I, you may ask. I am the Indian in the Motorbike Adventures of India, the Desi lad. 

Digvijay 'DeeJay' Singh from the desert state of Rajasthan in India. I have the Heart of a Gypsy and the Soul of a Rider. Motorcycles infuse all the life into me and Travelling keeps me alive. I enjoy Food, History, Motorsports, Outdoors among various other things. 

I met Kevin during his last Rajasthan Adventure. We had hit a rapport instantly and knew this partnership was slated for something even bigger. We both agreed India has so much more to offer, so many stories to be told, so many paths to explore. The seed of this Adventure was sown right then, we knew this has to be done. 

My part in this Adventure is to unearth the hidden gems and bring forth the untold stories. I have the responsibility of introducing you to the real India, far from the tourist guide books, India that lives in the hearts of its people. 

So hop on and enjoy the ride. See you on the other side. 


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It's getting closer


Screen Shot 2016 07 21 at 14.44.31

come hell or high water.......this is going to happen because I feel it's what i was born to do - ride motorbikes around the world to film the adventures and capture them forever and if you would like to watch them too..........that would make my life worthwhile

I have never forgotten the very first time I sat on a motorbike, it was my grandfathers BSA 175cc Bantam, in blue. I was sat on the back, with what I shall call, a bone dome on my head with old fashioned flying goggles on that didn't quite fit because my face was only small.........I was 9.

We set off through a County Durham pit village called Crook, in the Weardale region of County Durham, through the centre, up the hill and turned left. In front of me was a fabulous straight road going passed the cemetry on my left (my grandad, is there now) and we went as fast as the wind along this road. Then up a bit of a hill and then back down with my arms around his waist with me shouting as loud as I could........."faster grandad faster" (there are tears running down my cheeks as I recall the absolute, my grandad and his motorbike......that's all I cared about in the world). At the T junction we turned left and not much further on turned left again back down into Crook, going through an area called Foundry Fields and back home.

That was nearly 50 years ago and I can still hear the engine, smell the petrol that only an old british built bike has and the fabulous feeling of riding on that motorbike.

Even today when I get on my motorbike I feel those same feelings, that have never left me, of the total and utter excitement and I will go as far to say that those feelings start as soon as I put my motorbike clothing on.

It is for this reason I cannot wait for India, I cannot wait to feel the pure adrenalaine rush and excitement of setting off on a road I've never been on before, to see sights I've never seen before, to meet people I have never met before, eat the food I've never eaten before and film, photograph and bring back stories I can only imagine

God bless my grandfather........god bless him xxx

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Anti Death.........

UnknownWell that's pleasing to find out.......the area of India I am going into is not a high risk for malaria (according to the nurse). However only in March this year it was suggested that you can even be bitten by death carrying buzzy things during the day in New Delhi and recall in March discovering a mosquito in the taxi with my life flash before my eyes !!. So I just asked for them to be ordered please and apart from that all my jabs are up to date, well when I say up to date I'm not covered for Rabies of Japanese Yellow Elephant (it sounded like elephant anyway). In additon there's not a lot that can be done for King Cobra attack or being eaten by Tiger or Leopard. So all is fine and dandy then.....

Confirmed this morning that are supplying a tank back for the Tiger 800XCA, shame it's not 2 with one for the Himalayan but who's complaining I have been so very lucky to get such amazing support it's simply fabulous, in fact more than fabulous, I'm so grateful.

Then of course there are the flights to sort out. Thinking of flying direct from Birmingham but I am now waiting for Air India to confirm if they are going to supply flights which was only suggested 2 days ago.....wouldn't that be just amazing.


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