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Motorbike Adventures of India

Follow Kevin and the adventures he has in India

It's getting closer


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come hell or high water.......this is going to happen because I feel it's what i was born to do - ride motorbikes around the world to film the adventures and capture them forever and if you would like to watch them too..........that would make my life worthwhile

I have never forgotten the very first time I sat on a motorbike, it was my grandfathers BSA 175cc Bantam, in blue. I was sat on the back, with what I shall call, a bone dome on my head with old fashioned flying goggles on that didn't quite fit because my face was only small.........I was 9.

We set off through a County Durham pit village called Crook, in the Weardale region of County Durham, through the centre, up the hill and turned left. In front of me was a fabulous straight road going passed the cemetry on my left (my grandad, is there now) and we went as fast as the wind along this road. Then up a bit of a hill and then back down with my arms around his waist with me shouting as loud as I could........."faster grandad faster" (there are tears running down my cheeks as I recall the absolute, my grandad and his motorbike......that's all I cared about in the world). At the T junction we turned left and not much further on turned left again back down into Crook, going through an area called Foundry Fields and back home.

That was nearly 50 years ago and I can still hear the engine, smell the petrol that only an old british built bike has and the fabulous feeling of riding on that motorbike.

Even today when I get on my motorbike I feel those same feelings, that have never left me, of the total and utter excitement and I will go as far to say that those feelings start as soon as I put my motorbike clothing on.

It is for this reason I cannot wait for India, I cannot wait to feel the pure adrenalaine rush and excitement of setting off on a road I've never been on before, to see sights I've never seen before, to meet people I have never met before, eat the food I've never eaten before and film, photograph and bring back stories I can only imagine

God bless my grandfather........god bless him xxx

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Friday, 23 March 2018

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