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Motorbike Adventures of India

Follow Kevin and the adventures he has in India

Meet the Desi

Who am I, you may ask. I am the Indian in the Motorbike Adventures of India, the Desi lad. 

Digvijay 'DeeJay' Singh from the desert state of Rajasthan in India. I have the Heart of a Gypsy and the Soul of a Rider. Motorcycles infuse all the life into me and Travelling keeps me alive. I enjoy Food, History, Motorsports, Outdoors among various other things. 

I met Kevin during his last Rajasthan Adventure. We had hit a rapport instantly and knew this partnership was slated for something even bigger. We both agreed India has so much more to offer, so many stories to be told, so many paths to explore. The seed of this Adventure was sown right then, we knew this has to be done. 

My part in this Adventure is to unearth the hidden gems and bring forth the untold stories. I have the responsibility of introducing you to the real India, far from the tourist guide books, India that lives in the hearts of its people. 

So hop on and enjoy the ride. See you on the other side. 


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Friday, 23 March 2018

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