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Motorbike Adventures of India

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 MG 3532


Last year I arrived at a hotel in Bikaner, in the Rajasthan region of India, where royalty had stayed many years ago, along with dignitaries the list as long as your arm.

It was a time where the British loved India along with all her opportunities and this was the hotel  I was in..........

I was taken to, what they called, the games room and on the walls, in all their 'splendour', were the skins of animals shot for sport and shown off on all sides of the room.

I was shocked to see such a display as I'd never seen anything like it in my life.

This 'sport' has not ended I'm afraid as poaching is still happening but there are 2 areas, small areas, of India where they are protected within parks. You can actually go on safari's into these parks to see Tigers and in the bottom photograph you can see the size the animal must have been.....majestic.....beautiful......stunning.

I'm hoping to go to one of these parks on my next adventure only this time the only thing that will be used to shoot with is a camera lens and hopefully I will get to see this magnificent creature capturing the shear beauty of one of the worlds most beautiful animals in film and or a photograph to share with the world.

India is the land of stunning beauty, magical palaces, beautiful wildlife and food to make your tastebuds explode..........I can't wait :-)

 MG 3534

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Friday, 23 March 2018

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