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The time has come........(amazeballs)


So my band of chums the time has come.......

Picture make a packing list, then a second one and finally 7 more, finally ending up with more bits a paper than is flying around after a wedding cermony 

Woke at 3.30 and eventually got up at 5 thinking well no point in lying here might as well get up and write another list !!

This time its a list for Meru Cabs taxi service to take me from New Delhi airport to Formule 1 hotel in Gurgaon who are amazingly sponsoring me 3 nights B&B it is a super hotel, very clean, super staff, and breakfast of 'spicy' anything you want really, although they do boiled eggs, cereals and fruit juices along with coffee / tea and what more do you need really.....also just outside the main entrance, turning left is a load of places for food (even a subway) and on the top floor of the shopping complex a restauarant where for £4 they will keep bring you food until you say NO MORE and then ask you to go to the self service area for the main course.....bloody main course there is enough during the starter to make you explode !, anyway the rooms are small but most certainly very nice with aircon to keep you cool and the mozzy outside with a good shower to boot 


Then of course is my journey to get there starting from home to Middleton in Teesdale then onto Newcastle airport where at 1pm we will have lift off with Emirates to Dubai where there is a wait of 4 hours to connect for the flight to New Delhi. Cyrrently in Delhi there is a terrible air quailty due to their Diwali, or light festival, and so many fireworks have been set of in celebration the air is putrid, so I am hoping that may well have shift by the time I arrive, but even if it has I recall exiting the aiprort last time and wondering how i was goling to takes you by surprise but 24 hours later everything settles down and you aclimaitise 

Then the plans will start to take shape of where, when, how, and for how long the adventure will take with plans being made they also need to be flexible to allow for the unknown.....such as discovering there is somehwere to see, or something to see we didnt know about or perhaps decide to stay long in one spot than thought 


The plans will take shape over the next couple of days as the set off day is planned for the 5th - but will be burning the midnight oil at Eagle Rider New Delhi making sure we have at least some clue where to go and i am already looking forward to the battle of traffic heading south from Gurgaon on Natioanl Highway 48 

One thing is for sure.........I can't bloody wait :-)

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You become..............
It started with a...........


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Friday, 23 March 2018

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