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Motorbike Adventures of India

Follow Kevin and the adventures he has in India

You become..............

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Not long now until departure time for the adventures that lie ahead....... (6 days)

You see........all I did was choose to follow a dream I have, well, it is infact more than a dream..........

I absolutely bloody love what I do to make a living and you may be surprised to read not one bit of it is about money.......okay you need money to buy things and to survive BUT

What I mean by not one bit of it is about money allow me to explain

There have been times in my life I have just about passed out due to the anxiety of making money, to become rich, to become somebody !!!!........chasing the £s, driving the big S series Merc, or the 7 series BMW, wearing the suit, having the 40 staff business...............having the sweats, having the sleepless nights, being close to death (24 hours away) due to stress of my 'dream'

I fully believe you become what you think about, what you focus on, what is going through your head day in and day out and the reason I believe this's true

Now back to the money............what I do has very little to do with money, it is all about becoming what I think about and that is why I am heading back to India

I must be nuts really because being insulin dependant diabetic, well, that brings its own issues making sure blood/sugar levels are good in hot, dry, dusty conditions but it also lowers my immune system so more prone to infections and then I also wear a bag on my belly as I had my arse sewn up in 2000 and my large bowel remove, which also brings its own issues of the glue pad that sticks to my belly, in heat, can sometimes lose its 'sticky'....

I will leave your imagination to conjure up what happens at that point then there is the arthritus in both shoulders that creates pain so bad sometimes I cry but there is always painkillers, so overall what the god damn hell am 58 years experienced, doing going to a land to put myself in harms way.

Answer..................I become what I think about. to not let 'stuff' get in the way, to overcome the fears in my head

Yes I have all those issues but guess what.......I don't give a shit, or a big fat rats arse...........

I am doing it for me, nobody else, me, little me and I cannot wait

So when I had chosen to do this adventure everything fell apart, big time, so that was it then I wasn't going, teddy thrown into the biggest corner in the world to the sound of................"fucking bollocks"

However, people heard about what I was planning to do so offers of support with motorbikes, product, money, gear, and lights to see the way came flooding in......shocking the hell out of me

I fully believe it is all due to becoming what I think about.............I dreamt of riding parts of the world to film, photograph, write about (writing makes my head really hurt) and in todays world I can share what I do with the around the world, currently 10,373 people following my MotorBike Adventures Of India Facebook page.......... that is just NUTS and along with twitter, youtube, google+, instgram and Tumblr there are 1000s more 

1000s of people interested in little me...........well that is just crackers

Never before in the history of mankind have we had the facility of such exposure on a global scale

For me, you see, if one person see's what I do, or watches a video, or reads a story and likes what I do.............I am thrilled to bits because..................

To me I have achieved what I have dreamed about, what I have thought about...........for years 

That is worth more than any money in the world I come :-)


If you want it enough.........
The time has come........(amazeballs)


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Friday, 23 March 2018

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