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Waking Up

It is tremendously important to start the day with a routine. That routine covers the basic healthy part of looking after yourself. From washing, shaving, and making sure you have cleaned your teeth, these elements can prevent infection but also by washing your body its also checking for an issues that may have started to take effect. Such as skin complaints, bites, or maybe something has latched onto you without you realising. Then of course there is breakfast where you can start the process of starting the day with enough protein and fluids to keep you alert whilst riding and is without doubt the most important meal of the day. Once you have carried out these procedures and before riding the bike there is the checking of the bike to make sure all is well before putting yourself into possible danger. Check oil levels, water levels, fuel levels and most importantly checking the tyres for cuts, bulges, rip and a good level of tread because you don’t want to have a blow out while riding. Check your visor and clean to make sure you have clear vision and last but not least before setting off make sure you have ALL your gear, documents if required and money.



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During the Day

There is nothing more important during the day than making sure you maintain your fluid levels. On several occasions I have failed to follow this advice, even in Britain on a hot day, and have fallen fowl of the problems this brings. You will start to feel drowsy which will make you less aware of your surroundings, your riding skills diminish, and you are now in danger. Also by not making sure you have keep your fluid uptake in good order your internal organs start to suffer and kidney stones will start to form through the lack of water you should be drinking. It is shocking, even in Britain, just how much fluid you will lose through the heat generated inside your suit, and from wearing a crash helmet.......so make sure your fluid intake is maintained.






During the Evening

This is of course time to relax, but first there are things to check. Make sure you put all valuables in a safe place, including your bike keys, money, any cameras you are carrying and documents such as passports and visas are squirreled away. Then make sure you secure your bike with a disk lock or chain and the best security is to use both if possible. This is also mosquito time so use a repellent such as deet and if doing so get the strongest you can as the stuff with 25% deet is useless and put on long sleeve shirts and trousers. It may also be advisable to use a mosquito net over the top of your bed area straight on arrival and spray the inside. Depending on where you are travelling make sure when eating food in the evening it is well cooked as there is nothing worse than getting an attack of the squirts. For this reason always carry the rehydration salt sachets just in case along with anti squirt tablets. Good advice given a few years ago is to become vegetarian whilst travelling as its normally the meat that will create problems from being undercooked. Alcohol will also make you feel dehydrated so think is it really worth it.

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